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VIP Maintenance Membership at Patriot Harley-Davidson® in Fairfax, VA

VIP Maintenance Membership at Patriot Harley-Davidson® in Fairfax, VA

Being a Patriot Harley-Davidson® VIP member is a great way to make sure your motorcycle gets the best care and ensures your safety throughout the life of your new motorcycle. As a Patriot Harley-Davidson® VIP member, you will be able to save money upfront! Each VIP Membership includes the first 5 services, one free rental, and free motorcycle drop off or pick up with any service. Here at Patriot Harley-Davidson® customer care is our #1 priority and being a VIP member ensures you get the best from us right away.

Having your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle serviced by Patriot Harley-Davidson®’s factory trained technicians helps to ensure your motorcycle will work better, last longer and be worth more should you choose to trade it in for an upgrade – all that and worry free riding!

At Patriot Harley-Davidson®, we believe in “one team building a lasting relationship with each customer based on trust.” Congratulations on becoming a Patriot Harley-Davidson® VIP member! Enjoy the road ahead as we look forward to seeing you again after your first 1,000 miles!

Our Harley-Davidson® Dealership is located in Fairfax, VA near Arlington and Washington DC!

  • Patriot Harley-Davidson® treats you and your motorcycle right! Our service technicians follow a continuing education program that always keeps them up to speed on the latest developments of each bike model. We welcome walk-ins and offer easy appointment scheduling. You can request an appointment online, on the phone or in person – whatever is most convenient for you!

    Our Service Department opens at 10AM to fit your needs. If you have an appointment, but need to drop your bike off before we open, take advantage of our “Early Drop Off” system. Just fill out and sign an envelope from the “Early Drop Off” box, lock your bike, place your keys/fob in the envelope, and drop the envelope in the slot.


Please refer to the Patriot Harley-Davidson® Recommended Service Menu for the list of items performed based on the Harley-Davidson® family of motorcycle for each service interval.

Standard (36) Months

  • 1,000 Mile Service 
  • 5,000 Mile Service 
  • 10,000 Mile Service 
  • 15,000 Mile Service 
  • 20,000 Mile Service
  • Upgrade to SYN3 Oil and GL1 Trans Fluid

That is over a $400 value just on the first service and a Total Value of over $2,000 when all Benefits are used!

  • As a Patriot Harley-Davidson® VIP member you will receive a one time 24 hour rental of any bike the Eagle Rider Rental Fleet, a $200 value!*

    *A $2,000 hold will be placed on your credit card that is released when the rental is returned.


  • We offer FREE pick-up and delivery, within 50 miles, of your motorcycle for your planned maintenance from either home or work!

    Let us know that you are a VIP Maintenance Member when you schedule your appointment and we will make getting your bike serviced very easy!


  • Roadside assistance is there 24 hours a day.

    HOG® Road Side Assistance: +1 (877) 797-5104