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Patriot Harley-Davidson® Supports Ride of the Patriots

Patriot Harley-Davidson® Supports Ride of the Patriots

motorcycles join the Ride of the Patriots to remember and honor those in uniform, who serve everyday and put their lives at risk to protect us and help in times of crisis. Not only is this ride for the men and women in the military, but also for the less publicized First Responders who have made sacrifices during their service.

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The Ride of the Patriots 2021

We will have 2 Rides

Saturday May 29th 2021 at 11am

Sunday May 30th at 11am

f8b23d42528c142cab24f790afc6ccdc_b128db21642a4848.jpgYou must register to participate this year due to covid-19 restrictions ($25)



The RIDE OF THE PATRIOTS in 2021 will be different than in past years due to Covid-19 regulations.

Each ride will be limited to 225 people (MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO EVENT $25 non-refundable) and will stage in the Patriot HD parking lot then ride to Washington DC.  The ride will conclude as we cross over Memorial Bridge and where you choose to go after that is entirely up to you/your group. There is not a final destination.

The route we will take is 50 East, 495 North, GW Parkway, and over the Memorial Bridge into DC.

Next year in 2022 we fully expect to return to the regular format with an escorted ride and unlimited capacity where we stage on Route 50, however, that is not possible for 2021. 

The Ride of the Patriots takes the message of remembrance and honor for those who gave the most for our country and our freedoms from the City of Fairfax and Fairfax County citizens to join with many others from the USA and Canada.

Please join us. You will never forget.